The Importance Of Video Games

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In today’s society, video games are often played. Kids spend about 16 hours playing video games. Many parents believe that videogames are a waste of time and aren't benefiting their children at all. About 44% of the parents that have children that play video games think playing games is destroying their child,. However, they’re studies that show otherwise. Researchers have came to a conclusion that video games can benefit children by helping them control their emotions, helping improve and gain new skills, help them out in school and more . At times gamers might feel angry or upset because of a situation that is happening in their life. Sometimes they turn violent and cant control their emotions. However, an article by “ Dec Secadmin” informs us that playing violent video games allows the player to release their aggression without hurting anyone. The player feels more relaxed after letting the anger out. Decesadin quotes “ the players understand the difference between fantasy and reality so they aren't likely to emulate the violence they see in the video games in real life” . It is easy for you to get distracted when playing video games, therefore the player forgets about the pain they were feeling before. Also, playing these violent video games is good because it allows the player to see the consequences that uphold violent actions. You can improve and gain new skills from playing video games. For instance, you can gain skills like social, and

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