The Importance Of Violence Incidents Against Women

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Time of incidents It is evident from the study that violence incidents against women do not only follow any particular time but also the age and profession. Among the respondents majority (students 73%, young female working women 27%) by their different age groups and two broad professions stated their experiences in this regards that they faced incidents any time throughout the 24 hours of a day. There is no specific time duration for occurring violence incident. The study revealed that majority of the respondents about 43% faced occurrences both time at day and night. However, about 36% respondents faced violence at day time while 21% (about) faced at night (Table 4). Table 4: Time of incidents occur When (Time) Frequency Percentage …show more content…

Table 6: Identity of the offenders By Whom Frequency (%) By Whom Frequency (%) Bus passenger 374 (97.40) Transport helper 261 (67.97) Local Mastans 349 (90.89) Classmate 152 (39.58) Student 301 (78.39) Rickshaw puller 151 (39.32) Colleagues 35 (9.11) Source: Field survey, 2016 (N=384, Multiple responses considered) Number of Offender during offence It is evident from table 7 that the perpetrators were not only single but also they moved in group during offences and made unhealthy environment. According to the study it is showed that most cases about 40% respondents faced harassment from both types of offenders (single and group) while about 37% faced violence from single offender and rest of the respondents 24% (about) reported that they faced violence from group offender. Table 7: Number of Offender Responses Frequency Percentage Single 141 36.72 In Group 91 23.70 Both 152 39.58 Total 384 100 Source: Field survey, 2016 Immediate Measures taken by the respondents Table 8 demonstrates the immediate measures taken by the respondents after facing various types of harassments. It is found that majority of respondents 27% looked for help from their friends and a large number of respondents about 24% confronted the perpetrator by themselves followed by 21% did not take any step (Table 8). Table 8: Immediate responses by the respondents after violence Type of

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