The Importance Of Workforce Diversity In The Workplace

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1. Workforce Diversity- The variety of differences between people in the company such as race, ethic gender, education, etc. (pg.46) a. Workforce Diversity is important to HRM because in the workplace itself because it increases the Hr responsibilities and holds an organization accountable for functions mandated by the employment law. It also affects recruiting because it can require some modifications to the recruitment strategy to identify a diversity amongst the company. Organizations also look to the HR staff in developing a diversity amongst trainers or to supple the company with in house resources. b. An example of how to introduce workforce diversity in a work place would be implementing type of training that educate all employees about cultural differences so that they may understand each other better. Topics covered in training will be proper etiquette, terminology, improvement of communications skill, and how to eliminate sexual harassment within a company. 2. Equal Pay Act- “The act requiring equal pay for equal work, regardless of sex” (Dressler,2015, pg. 335) a. Equal Pay Act is important to HRM because it affects all of the functional areas, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1963 and Civil Rights Act of 1991. These acts force the employers to follow and document fairness practices in hiring, training, pay and benefits, as well as any other responsibilities relates to HRM. b. An example of how I would use the Equal Pay Act in a workplace would be if an
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