The Importance Of Writing In High School Writing

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From birth to death, as humans we learn, re-learn, and are taught again how to engage in specific, everyday life functions. Every individual has their own style, this goes for writing, drawing, singing, dancing, the list goes on and on. All throughout our lives, we as students have been taught how to write and what style of writing is ‘acceptable’. This essay will challenge what was taught about writing in high school. It may end up make writing more interesting. Who knows, a newly found passion for choreographed dancing may emerge after reading this essay. ______________ Writing is a complex process, with its countless rules, allowing authors to write limitless possibilities. Over thousands of years, writing has evolved, styles have been created, and genres now exist. In Verlyn Klinkenborg’s, “Several short sentences about writing”, along with Paul Graham’s, “The Age of the Essay”, the reader is taught to ‘notice what you notice’, while avoiding the rules that were taught to us students during high school. One must forget the ‘high school’ rules about writing, as “Most of the received wisdom about how writing works is not only wrong but harmful” (Klinkenborg, Prologue), according to Klinkenborg. It doesn’t matter if high school taught the hamburger style paragraph or the double-stuffed Oreo paragraph, it is presumably wrong, according to Klinkenborg and Graham. For what reason should every paragraph follow the same repetitive sentence structure in every essay,

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