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Writing Inventory Centuries ago, the most important role of writing in a society was to document the history and stories of its people. Since then, writing has slowly evolved to fit the needs of the authors creating it. Writing has since then become a leisure activity instead of a chore. Nowadays, authors everywhere use writing as a way to express their ideas and convince others of their reasoning. Other authors use it as a branch of education to teach eager readers. Still others scrap the academic subjects and write entirely for entertainment. No matter what is being read about or who is writing it, the truth remains that not all writing is “good” writing. So what constitutes the term “good writing”? What does it take to get there? And how can we as authors achieve that ourselves? The expanded writing we know today is art in one of its purest forms. The audience is completely separate from an animated form of the author, and instead in presented with a part of the author contained in the still life of paragraphs. To me, good writing is anything that engages the intended audience from start to finish. The first step to full engagement is unique ideas. One of the beautiful aspects of writing is that even after all of the ideas and discoveries already written down, new ones are still being found and shared. And even after our generation is long gone, new authors will bring new ideas to literature and the cycle of entertainment will continue. The second step to good,

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