The Importance of Immigration to the Canadian Economy in the Early 20th Century

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In the early decades of the 20th century, over one in five people living in Canada were immigrants. As immigrants were introduced to the freshly structured land and economy of Canada it began to show that immigration was essential to the financial structure of Canada. Some of the reasons that immigration was important to the Canadian economy in the early 20th century is that it prevented American expansion, Railway Business benefited from providing service to western Canada, immigrants started new businesses in Canada and industrialization and urbanization.

Even though birth rates were higher than immigration rates in the early 20th century immigration was still very important to the Canadian economy because since approximately 180,000 people immigrated to Canada during the time periods of 1900-1910 and each of those immigrants received 160 acres of land in western Canada it stopped the possibility of America expansion because western Canada was beginning to become colonized which boosted the economy because Canada has one of the world’s largest supply of natural resources such as metals, lumber and oil and in order for those resources to be not only discovered but to be put to use Canada needed workers but it had a very low birthrate compared to the other country’s therefore immigration was need to put Canada’s resources to use and start internationals trade and to boost the economy and without immigration the birth rate would stay low also “Economic activity in Canada is
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