The Importance of Safety in Coal Mining Companies

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Employee Safety Importance of Safety One of the most vital investments made in any mining company is to ensure that their people return safe and sound at the end of a day of work. In the current era of rapid industrial growth, managing the impacts of this growth on the safety and wellbeing of employees is critical. The impact also extends towards the mining companies, overall labor pool and the constant threat of mine closures and job losses. Whenever there is an accident or death in a mine, companies face routine shutdowns ordered by the government for investigations, and work stoppages by union members. This causes companies to suffer huge production losses. Government and the Focus on Safety The government has adopted a strong stance on Coal Mining Safety and has extended a commitment towards increasing general safety for mineworkers. It is envisaged that greater cooperation could contribute to the safety efforts. Government continues to engage in constructive discussions to engage with both business and labour on how to improve on safety. Growth and Safety BHP Billiton had decided to expand its operations through the creation of project hubs in Toronto, Santiago, Houston, Brisbane and Perth. Responsibility for the hub establishment was given to EPMC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) contractors who developed the projects under the supervision of and on behalf of BHP Billiton. This growth presents challenges to the effective management of

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