The Importance of Training Project Managers

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Often complex projects are deemed unsuccessful because project managers that do not have the proper training on managing projects and end up mismanage them (Kwak, & Anbari, 2009). As companies realized this, they started to research the various attributes that contributed to project failures, however in many cases the people running the projects were not examined. In the 1990s, certain industries noticed that many project managers needed to be properly trained and since then require that project managers seek professional training before being employed.
To develop project managers in managing projects many technical (engineering) companies have developed ad-hoc instruction to mitigate project failures; however business centric companies are having difficulties deploying instruction (Kwak, & Anbari, 2009). Other companies, including certain branches of the government, now require project managers to become certified through the Project Management Institute (PMI) by obtaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential.
Unknowingly companies have been allowing project managers, who are weak in setting up and managing large projects, lead multimillion-dollar projects (Dimick, 2011). As a result, these projects are deemed failures, to mitigate project failures, companies have strategically begun to request that all of their project managers obtain the PMP credential (Dimick, 2011). The problem is there is a lack of project success; and PMPs are
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