The Importance of Vitamin D Essay

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Getting some sun is essential to human health despite the risks of the skin cancer. There is much more benefits that come with the exposure to the sun than harm. Vitamin D that our body produces when we are exposed to the sun is very efficient in curing so many diseases. It protects from arthritis, diabetes, infectious diseases, multiple sclerosis and some kinds of cancer, just to name a few. It has been proven that the Earth’s atmosphere blocks 98.7 percent of the sun’s UV rays. The other 2.3 percent that we are exposed to, have both beneficial and harmful effects. We do need to focus on the benefits, because we have way more of them. The only harm it does to our body is skin cancer, which by being more careful we can protect from. The …show more content…

It has many different negative effects, like growth retardation, skeletal deformation and softening of the skull (Holick, 2008). In Europe doctors prescribe vitamin D for infants to prevent those kinds of problems, and also they recommend daily walks in the sun. That is why the children in Europe don’t have rickets as often as in United States. The doctors here depend on the vitamins that are in the formula, but it is not enough. A study published in Archives of Internal Medicine found that 75 percent or more of American teens and adults are deficient in Vitamin D. That is why we have so many serious illnesses, like cancer, diabetes and heart disease (Huff, 2010). Infectious diseases are more seen in people living in places with less sun during winter months, we know those as influenza virus or simply cold. The sun in those places is unable to produce vitamin D and that is why we get sick so often. The people that live in the warm places, where the vitamin D is produced all year round, don’t get sick as often (Holick, 2008). Diabetes is a very big problem in United States, but if we listen to what researchers had found, we can try to prevent people from getting this disease by staying in the sun. It has been proven that it can lower 80 percent, if we start giving our infants 2,000 IU of vitamin D during the first year of life. The research also shows

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