The Importance of Water in Living Organisms

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Water has importance inside cells and externally. This may be because it has interesting chemical and physical properties; it can be found naturally in all three of its states. However its molecules are bonded together by hydrogen bonds, this raises its melting and boiling points, i.e. its boiling point would be -120¢ªC rather than 100¢ªC. Also because it contains slightly negatively charged oxygen atoms and slightly positively charged hydrogen atoms making it polar.
<br>Water has been called a universal solvent because of it polarity. This means it can easily ionise substances, Many compounds, whether ionic, polar or covalent will dissolve in it, therefore more reactions take place while in solution with water. Often in organisms
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<br>Water can also be used for support. As plant cells have cell walls as well as cell membranes, when the plant cell becomes full of water (due to osmosis) it will not burst but the cell wall exerts a force equal to the osmotic force (the cell is turgid) and this is important in the support of leaves and also in the stems of herbaceous plants. In animals like the earthworm support is often provided by the pressure of the fluid inside them,
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