The Importance of the Planet Earth´s Hydrologic Cycle

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Hydrologic Cycle The hydrologic cycle is the reason our planet is able to sustain the life we have on it. If it were not for this constant cycle of evaporation and condensation of the water from the ocean and waterways to land and back again we would not be able to exist. Water is essential for life on Earth and without it no life would exist such as on the moon. This will examine some of the ways this cycle occurs and also look at a land formation from the eyes of the writer. The wonders of Devils Tower in northeaster Wyoming has been admired by many over the years.
A Look at the Hydrological Cycle The Hydrologic cycle is an endless cycle where the water on our planet Earth is moving from the ocean to the atmosphere to land and back again. I live in northern California and there is a lot of water in my area. This cycle begins here at the Pacific Ocean where evaporation of water starts its hydrologic cycle. Living about 50 miles from the ocean this area is prone to fog that condenses over the land and is deposited on the ground and everything that is on the land under it. This precipitation lends itself to helping the foliage around the bay have plenty of moisture to help sustain its growth. Lutgens, Tarbuck, & Tasa (2014) stated that winds transport this moisture laden air, often great distances (p. 83). The water that is deposited on land will then take one of two routes back to the ocean to start the cycle all over again. WW2010 (2014) stated that “Some of the water

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