The Important Features Of Spain's Many Discoveries

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During the 15th and 16th century many explorers, travelers, and voyagers would travel thousands of miles in search of glory and fame by going to The New World. Many of these daring adventurers who wanted this power would risk their lives in pursuit of finding treasures among their wildest dreams, spread their faith and religion, and find new routes to cut across The New World to improve trade between countries. The most known country to grant these proposals to these explorers is the Spanish. Even though many explorers would have political power from the Spanish once they arrived on land, many of these explorers would often destroy sacred land of the natives that lived there. Many outbursts and battles between the Spanish and
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Another key incentive was to spread religion. The three catholic powers were driven to convert individuals. For Portugal and Spain, and to a lesser degree France, the conversion of non-Christians was an earnest duty that was to be pursued for the glory of God and the enhancement of the Catholic Church. However, the two Protestant powers, the Netherlands and England, had little interest in missionary work.
Exportation and importation of various spices and other precious commodities also influenced explorations. The travelers were in search of the amount of wealth that could be acquired from these goods. Traveling through current Middle Eastern countries was not an option due to the armies that resided there. Although many of the products needed a fast route to and from Asia for delivery, merchants had to sail around the entire continent of Africa in order to reach their destination. Because of this, voyagers began scoping the American continents for shortcuts across the land.

Christopher Columbus
I will begin this paper with the man who started this era of exploration and one of the most famous voyager of them all. It all started during the 15th and 16th centuries many explores risked their lives and reputation to travel across the world in search of the new world. The most famous of these explorers is Christopher Columbus. Through his exploration, Columbus started a generation of voyagers for the country of Spain.
Early Life
The legacy of
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