The Important Role of the Rivers in Russia Essay

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Rivers had been playing an important role in the life of Russian cities since olden times. It served as the main transport and trade routes, sources of water and food for the population. Novgorod got a worldwide reputation as a center of medieval trade precisely because of the Volkhov River, which was an important link in trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks". This historical era of Veliky Novgorod enough detail in the scientific literature, but it can not be said about the history of Novgorod as a provincial city in the period of development capitalist relations in the Russian Empire. Especially, there is deficiency historical information about interaction between nature and urban dwellers in the study period. Perhaps the only …show more content…

So in the 1940s. N.I. Falkowski approached the problem urban water from the standpoint of history of technology and traced the evolution of hydraulic systems with 10 to 20th cc. He interpreted the main causes of insufficient water supply Russian towns of the second half of 19th - early 20th cc. by class inequality in society. K.G. Vasiliev and A.E. Segal turned to water and sanitation issues in the study of the dynamics of the spread infectious diseases in Russia 11 - early 20th cc.
In subsequent years, there was no special researches about the history of nature exploitation and sanitary accomplishment in Novgorod. However ecological direction researches of urbanization processes in the Russian Empire XIX - early XX centuries had been developing at the regional level since the late 1980s. Objects of historical studies were the southern industrial region, Mining Ural settlements, the cities of Tambov, Tula and Kazan provinces etc. Most of this works was devoted to the negative impact of industrial production on the environment, but at the same time, scientists have drawn attention to the spatial development of the provincial cities , environmental factors had been evaluated as catalysts for improving cities . Some aspects of mutual influence of nature and society in the system "city - the river" were analyzed in papers devoted to major northern Russian ports - St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk. Reconstructing

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