The Imprefections of the Societies in The Maze Runner, Nazi Germany, Sierra Leone, and Ancient Greece

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Sadly this is not possible. Many societies that were thought to be perfect, like The Maze Runner, Nazi Germany, Sierra Leone, and Ancient Greece figured this out the hard way. Societies fall due to corrupt leaders, lack of supplies, and a faulty security system.

Societies fall due to corrupt leaders which is a political problem. What lead to the fall of The Maze Runner was the fact that they had corrupt leaders. Their leaders all went off in some way or another. Alby was the first one to become corrupt. He burned the the papers which were the only chance the gladers had at escaping. He was sobbing and just couldn't handle it all. Gally was another person who underwent these changes. He claimed to “know” things about Thomas that others didnt.

Another once great society known as Nazi Germany fell due to this reason as well. Hitler was a crazed man who can easily be classified as a corrupt leader. He did some crazy things that people today cant really explain. What we do know is he tried to trick people into thinking what he was doing was right. In a sick way, he was a fantastic leader. He could convince the whole society that blaming everything on this group of people was the right thing to do. Hitler basically convinced everyone that locking these people up was only for the sake of humanity, and things would be better after this. Corrupt leaders can be a giant contribution to the collapse of an society, and that is why several…
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