The Increase Mobility Of The World 's Population And The Impact On The United Kingdom

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Immigration is a contested political issue, with both the costs and benefits under debate. Due to this, the assignment will involve a discussion on the implications of the increased mobility of the world’s population and the impact on the migration of nurses on the United Kingdom’s (U.K.) national health system. It will also look at the impact of immigration upon the National Health Service (NHS) and the increase in the demand on education and housing. Introduction According to Levaggi and Montefiori (2013, pp.100) globalisation is likely to have a significant impact on the population’s health and it creates challenges for the financing and provisions of the national health care system. The Office for National Statistics (2015) states…show more content…
According to the House of Lords (2013), one in five people in the UK will be over the age of 65 by 2030. Goldin, Cameron and Balarajan (2012, pp.6) argue that due to the increase in the ageing population, there will be new demands for labor both skilled and less skilled migrants in developed countries. The Department of Health (2011) states that anyone in the UK who is deemed to be ordinarily a resident is entitled to free NHS hospital treatment in England but overseas immigrants will have to prove they are entitled to be in the country before they are given access to GPs and hospitals. The Department of Health (2015) however suggests that a charge can not be made or recovered from any overseas visitor for accident and emergency services whether in hospital or at a walk in center, for some treatment of certain infectious diseases, psychiatric treatment and family planning services. Data provided by the Department of Health (2013) shows the population of visitors and temporary migrants is around 2.5 million and the costs of them using the NHS estimated to £2 billion per year; this total includes the use by nationals from countries which the UK has a reciprocal agreement with and health tourists like people who come to the UK with the express intent of using the health service which they were not entitled to, was estimated to cost between £60 million and £80 million per year. This compares to the annual
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