The Infamous Reputation of Drones

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For many people, just the word drone sends a chill down their spine. The infamous reputation of these unmanned flying objects comes from their heavy use in war zones where they are meant to track and kill. The purpose of these drones is to complete a mission without risking the lives of soldiers. Contrary to popular belief, most drones are used for purposes other than warfare. The public rarely hears about the positive side of drones and thus their opinion on drones is simply biased because they do not realize that there is another, much larger side to drones that is peaceful. Most drones are used for surveillance along borders or simply for fun. The use of drones for recreation seems to slowly be catching on and will offer amazing possibilities. Even though many people do not recognize the positive side of drones, they have the power to revolutionize the way we see and understand the world, protect the lives of the soldiers and allow for amazing private experiences through their wide range of uses. Drones have long proven their superiority in warfare. They are capable to follow their target without being noticed and can strike whenever needed without have a solder on the ground. It is not even necessary for the drone pilot to be in the same country as the drone. A drone can fly in Afghanistan but the pilot is safe in his own home country. The drone technology therefore saves the lives of many soldiers who would otherwise be in harms way. Drones can prevent ambushes,

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