Seventh Avenue Research Paper

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is due to the fact that Seventh Avenue has seemed a less homophobic career choice than other career choices such as law enforcement or Wall Street. And the prominence of gay men enjoying fame and prosperity in the field draws others into the field.
A lot of women are drawn into fashion too. But die to the obvious fact that the most competitive and talented women are spread out into many fields, while a large chunk of the most competitive and talented gay men choose fashion. Another implication that results from the dominating numbers of gay males in the industry is that all males in the industry regardless of their gender orientation are stereotyped as gay and therein assumed to be less masculine than the “natural” Alpha male. A third party when looking at the males involved in the fashion industry such as the designers automatically assume in his or her mind that since the person is in fashion he is “naturally” gay and therein more feminine than regular men. This assumption for most part have nothing to do with the way the individual talks, acts or dresses, rather it comes solely from the fact the the particular individual is in fashion. So why is it that even when a person does nothing to set off the so called “gay-dar” in others they still consider him to be a homosexual solely based on the individual’s occupation? And why is it that no other occupation other than those related to fashion have a gay bar associated with it? One might be able to answer these questions to a

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