The Influence Of Guilt In Russian Literature

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Russian Literature is dark and mysterious. Stalin made Russian Literature so dark because he would kill anyone to get what he wanted. Also the camps in Siberia would make people follow the government and make them only be able to share their feelings through their writings. Many things in Russian Literature can influence a society because of the lessons they learn, the guilt we feel, and the greed we have. Most stories have a lesson in the end, but a specific type of story is a parable. Parables is a short story which tells the reader a moral or lesson. Some russian literature uses parables like the ones in the bible. One parable in russian literature was “The Bet”. The Bet was a parable because it tells a lesson on how valuable knowledge and the afterlife is, instead of money. During this story it makes the reader feel as if he or she should change their lives because they value money and possessions too much. It makes them rethink and reevaluate their lives and get a new perspective. Russian Literature uses a lot of lessons deep into the story to get the reader thinking about their own life.…show more content…
People experience guilt once they have done wrong. When guilt creeps upon them it consumes them and controls their lives. Some Russian authors have used this tactic of guilt to draw in their society and make them change or make them want to fix things in Russia. One specific woman who has used this was Anna Ahkmatova in her poem “I’m Not One Of Those Who Left Their Land”. When she says “I’m not one of those who left their land To the mercy of the enemy.” (Ahkmatova) she makes the reader feel guilty and that they have just abandoned their whole country and all of their friends. This tactic of guilt works extremely well in Russia because they know they should be helping but they do
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