The Influence Of Louie's Life

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Louie had conquered the hardest challenges of his life, but it wasn’t over yet. In this example, Louie’s father’s own words help readers determine the effect of Louie’s courage on other people:” ‘Those Japs couldn’t break him,’ Anthony said. ‘My boy’s pretty tough, you know’ ” (392). Although the government had told Louie’s family that he was dead, they had never once given up on him. One March afternoon, Louie met a beautiful woman named Cynthia Applewhite, consequently falling in love with her. After knowing her for less than two weeks, Louie asked her to marry him: “She told him told him that she’d help forget his past, and he grasped her promise as a lifeline. ‘If you love me enough,’ he wrote back, ‘I’ll have to forget it. How much can you love?’” (350). Despite the hardships they might face together, Louie had enough courage to marry Cynthia no matter what. Louis’ nightmares were often visited by the Bird, and he developed a habit of drinking to cope with the post traumatic stress of the war. All he could think of was murderous rage and hatred towards the Bird. Cynthia filed for a divorce, but told Louie she would stay with him if he went with her to see a Billy Graham show. For the first time in years, Louis remembered the promise he had made to God when he was floating in the Pacific. A leap of faith and undying courage prompted him to make a life altering decision and accept Christ. A changed man, Louis had the courage to give others an opportunity to change also. In 1950, Louis returned to Japan to forgive his former captors whom he had once hated. Mutsuhiro “the Bird” Watanabe was the only one who did not agree to meet …show more content…

His courage to fight through any situation inspires readers by letting them know they can do anything they set their mind to, no matter how impossible the challenge may

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