The Influence Of Music On T. V Shows And Movies

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Music is a part of everyday life for people. People listen to it on the radio on their way to and from work, while working on a project, and when people are relaxing. Music has become integrated into our society and has been proven to help people comprehend. Well done music connects to an audience and has an underlying message. When people hear and acknowledge this message they relate and they can then therefore understand what the composer was doing. This can be clearly shown in movies. Modern day T.V shows and movies have some soundtrack or song being played in the background. These songs typically connect with the audience and are there to support whatever events are occurring at that time. Most kids when they are told they are reading Shakespeare dread it. This is because Shakespeare wrote in a language that was around over 400 years ago. The style of his writing isn’t what people are used to. However, when plays and books are paired up with music for their events, just like on T.V and in movies, it helps people understand what is going on. If Julius Caesar was made into a movie now, it would need music to fit each scene so people watching would …show more content…

Act 1 Scene 3 is about a man named Casca. He had encountered many weird things that nights that they called omens. Also in this scene, Cassius and Casca talk about Caesar and how his power has gotten to be too much. At the end of their conversation Cicero makes the comment, “But men may construe things after their fashion, clean from the purpose of the things themselves. Comes Caesar to the Capitol tomorrow?” Omens can also be called superstitions. Superstition fits with this scene very well because of the lyrics, "Its only superstition / Its only your imagination / Its only all the things that you fear / And the things from which you can't escape." these lyrics fit because Cicero is saying that men may interpret signs in different ways but it’s not always

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