Ancient Roman Entertainment Essay

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Looking back at one of the great eras, Ancient Rome, and at our current generation in the United States of America, there are many similarities in the realm of what we, as humans, agree are fantastic forms of entertainment. There are several forms of entertainment from Ancient Rome; such as music, dance, and theater, that directly correlate to modern times.
From subtle pieces of music played from a single flute, to elaborate orchestras, to a simple whistle while you work, the sounds of music could be heard by many in every era. Music and dance are still used in most theatrical performances as part of the story-telling process. Ancient Romans performed their music in front of everyone from family and friends to huge crowds, much the same as it is in today’s America. Does that 2-year-old singing his/her ABC’s to his/her parents today have the same impact as a professional singing at a party for the wealthy in Ancient Rome? In my opinion, it does; music has always been about self-expression and varying degrees of vocalization. Dance has been a part of almost every form of music and theater as a form of interpretation of what was being sung, played, and acted out. In Ancient Rome, ritualistic dance performances preceded the planting of crops, hoping for a bountiful harvest as well as in religious
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I believe the Romans enjoyed these the most because hearing a story of sorrow and sadness might make the audience feel better about their selves, and seeing a comedy act; well, let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? You can still see these same styles of theater around America, from New York’s Broadway to the Las Vegas Strip. Some great places to see staged performances in modern times are festivals and fairs. Unless you were wealthy and were able to pay professionals to perform at banquets or parties, festivals were the only place to see these performances in Ancient
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