The Influence Of My Family

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The country where I was born and raised has rich customs and traditions influenced by different cultures around the world. Among these shared cultures, I am accustomed to living a life anchored in the Catholic faith. I was brought up in a God-fearing home that believes in the power of prayer. The influence of my parents on my faith has a huge impact on the way I embrace life and its challenges.

Apart from faith and religion, family has become my source of strength. Members of my family have a very close relationship with one another – a characteristic common to a Filipino household. My parents have taught me the value of generosity and respect. They instilled in me that blessings are meant to be shared and that respect must …show more content…

My approach to providing care is similar to that of most Filipino nurses which is characterized as more patient-centered and family-centered with favorable regard to different behaviors, beliefs and traditions. This kind of approach seeks to address the health care needs of the patient without compromising one’s own culture.


New Zealand ensures the safety of its health consumers through the strong implementation of legislations, policies and programs. It observes certain rights of patients which are not usually favored in the country where I come from such as the right to refuse treatment and right to complain. In this regard, health care services are rendered not only based on the standards and regulations set by proper authorities but also on the health consumers’ insights on the kind of service that put some relevancy on their rights, beliefs and customs.

Patient-centered and family-centered care approaches are likewise practiced in New Zealand. The relation and cooperation between and among the patient, his family and the health care provider are essential in ensuring that the patient is free from danger by determining what is culturally safe for him.

New Zealand emphasizes the value of independence among health consumers to maximize their potentials and uphold their dignity. In an aged care facility, the residents are supported and encouraged to

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