The Influence Of Power In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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As men explore the many vast places of Earth, new knowledge is constantly discovered. Earth has many hidden mysteries inside of it that men from all over attempt to uncover to gain a better understanding of life. In different regions there are many diverse groups of people, with some being unknown to the world prior to the colonization of countries. Once these different civilizations begin to collide with each other, new human interactions are observed, as shown in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. In this book, European explorers travel to Africa and are startled by the natives they meet. These two very different groups of people go about life in their own unique ways, with the Europeans having access to more technology. This leads to …show more content…

Seeing these natives evokes fear from the Europeans, which leads to the use of force to take control of the natives, rather than peacefully interacting. This fear inside the Europeans leads to the mistreatment of the natives, not because they are necessarily savages, but because they are unlike the Europeans. Whenever a person becomes fearful and tries to protect themself, they do not try to help others, they only care about themself and their well being. Not only is fear being acted upon to justify the treatment of the natives, but ignorance from other people allows the situation to worsen. When Marlow returns from his trip, he watches people walking around, unaware of the horrors that are taking place in Africa. Even though these people have not seen these atrocities, Marlow has and he cannot escape what he saw. These people surrounding Marlow wear a symbolic blindfold to protect themselves from facing the true horrors of human nature. Since this blindfold is kept on, the situation is not able to be recognized and stopped by people who have no investments in Africa. This blindfold is supposed to be a safety blanket to protect people, but in reality they are the “folly in the face of danger” (Conrad 107). This blindfold does not prevent terrible acts from being committed; instead, the blindfold keeps people from

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