The Influence Of The Holocaust: The Night Of Broken Glass

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The Holocaust was a very depressing time. There were millions of Jews killed during this time. Germans were led by Adolf Hitler. There were many concentration camps around the German “empire” area. These concentration camps were used to get rid of the people that Hitler wasn’t very fond of. Some of the Jews in the camps were lucky enough to survive, however some were not so lucky. Alfred Munzer was one of the people who were lucky enough to survive.

There were many things that happened that influenced the Holocaust. One of these things is The Night of Broken Glass. This was on November 9-10, 1938. On the Night of Broken Glass the Nazi’s looted stores, broke windows, and they set synagogues on fire. There were 119 synagogues on fire and 76 more destroyed. Also on this night there were jews beaten and some were even killed.(The Doom of Jewish Life in Germany)

Alfred Munzer was born on November 23, 1941. He was born in the Hague which is in Netherland(Alfred Munzer). Alfred was the third child in his family. He was also one of the 110,000 jews living in Holland before the war. When Alfred was born there was a ceremony at their church to celebrate his birth. Alfred's ceremony was one of the last ceremonies held in the Hague before the war started.(Holocaust Survivor)

When the Holocaust began there were 150,000 who were forced
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When we started learning about it in school, I almost started to cry. Even now when I think about it it makes me tear up. Researching about Alfred Munzer and learning about what he went through makes me wonder what I would have done. It also makes me ask myself, “How were they so brave during this time?”. Learning about this makes the Holocaust more meaningful because it gives me more information on this topic. Also I can hear about what happened by a person who actually experienced the whole thing rather that hearing it from someone who just heard things about

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