The Influence Of The Old English

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In the development of English, invasions and other historical events were huge factors that had influence to the process. Through the history, the language especially English has been changed very much. When we see the Shakespeare’s sonnet, we can find out that his sonnet is written in early Modern English but that language is not quite different from Modern English. However, when we read the poem which was written in the Old English period, many of us can realize that Old English is very different from the Modern English. When Old English was changed into Middle English, there was an important historical event, the Norman Conquest. In this report, I would like to explain what Norman Conquest is and how that event changed the Old English. …show more content…

As William the Conqueror brought the Normans to England, the Norman culture, language or Feudalism could be accepted without any resistance of England people. Also the nobilities who helped William in the battle became the lords and they lost their own language (Old English) and began to use Old French dialect which is called Old Norman. Since the leaders of Normans used Old Norman, language which was related to politics, religious began to change. Especially, Norman from France had huge influence in politics and Anglo-Saxons had to step down from their status. Conquerors were proud of themselves as a French people, and they designated Norman French as a national language of England. Since then, the upper class and educated people used Anglo Norman that was developed from Norman French and Old English was used only by the lower class, and as a result the status that old English had was collapsed. That is, because Norman people kept away from using Old English and adopted Anglo Norman, Norman language has huge influence in Middle English period unlike in Old English period. All social activities and official documents were done through the Anglo Norman and Old English could barely maintain its use in that

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