The Influence Of The One Thousand And One Night Stories

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The One thousand and One nights stories originate from many different Asian languages and many different cultures, they were collected and then translated over many centuries in order to create one well-known version of it. The stories evolving from the same culture could be seen to have similar themes and morals, and when compiled together, they provide the oriental morals and social concepts. India was known for moral stories, Persia was known for stories about magic and imaginary creatures, and many other stories have Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and other origins (Bridging Cultures, 2011). After compiling these stories, starting from the 9th century in the Abbasid period, they were translated into Arabic in the 13th century in Damascus, and named “Alf Layla wa Layla” (Muslim Philosophy, 2008).
Translating the stories in the West French orientalist Antoine Galland initiated
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The influence of the stories and genres on the 18th and 19th century, iconic writers and novelists such as Charles Dickens, Walter Scott, Jane Austen and many others, can be seen through their imitation and use of themes and characters from the 1001 night stories. The Arabian nights shaped the writing and story traditions in Europe, and thus shaped the traditions of today’s novel and writing culture (Leeds Trinity University, 2015).
The Arabian nights were the first works that promoted genres in Orientalist writing (Al-Olaqi, 2012), and influenced the romantic prose-fiction culture that was adopted by the West by many of their iconic writers. The themes, genres, and concepts that were developed through the stories of the One thousand and One nights nurtured and formed the foundation of Western/European writers many centuries later, and continue to be developed and imitated in the modern
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