Magic Realism In Salman Rushdie

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fantastic, the mysterious, or the marvellous, and subsequently it is not surprising that some critics have chosen to discard the term in general.
In Salman Rushdie’s hands, political satire and caricature easily administer with fairy-tale fights of imagination that merge a fine diaphanous model of restrained allusions, impulse and humour. The magic realism popularized by Salman Rushdie inclined a large number of Indian novels. According to Anita Desai, Rushdie showed English language novelists in India a way to be “postcolonial”. There is an entire cohort of novelists who experience the weight of Rushdie’s influence as enabling their own talents. Quite apart from his distinctive characters, he showed Indians how the English language could …show more content…

His portrayal of characters and technique of storytelling are purposeful. He uses magic realism as a means for finding truth. The factors he uses to locate the truth give an aspect of magic throughout. Salman Rushdie artistically incorporates the elements of magic realism in Midnight’s Children. His use of magic realism as a narrative technique is intentional. Not only does he use magic realism - the fantastic, the magical, the weird - as a useful technical tool, but he transcends it to portray the almost unreal and surreal dimensions of the Indian subcontinent. And much like the Latin American writers, he brings a magic and revitalizing view of the effects of …show more content…

Rushdie’s use of magic realism as a narrative technique is very pertinent as he portrays the postcolonial life in his novel. The Magic realism can therefore be seen as a contrivance binding Indian culture of the past to the contemporary multicultural interface. Rushdie used fantasy as a method of producing intensified images of reality. He uses this “intensified images of reality” in Midnight’s Children so as to represent the happenings preceding and following India’s independence. The desperate materials pertaining to those times of political disruption, popular upsurge, growing sanguinity, and confused developments that often bordered on the fantastic could not have been woven together by any other means but that of

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