The Influence On Education : The Importance Of Education

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If we’re lucky, we spend at least twelve years in school. That equates to around 2,160 days of sitting in a classroom taking tests, writing essays, and solving homework problems. Students often complain about the work, but in reality, the privilege of being educated is worth the effort. It’s easy to forget that across the globe, millions of men, women, and children can’t even read or write, much less solve trigonometric equations. Education is so important that it earned itself a spot on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today, it seems obvious that everyone needs to go to school, but not many people stop to think of how and why we got to this point. Education serves many purposes, both personal and social, but overall, the main goal of the education system is to prepare children for their futures as citizens, employees, and lifelong learners.
Education was not always the United States’ priority. During the eighteenth century, very few schools existed in the south, and they were only for rich, white males. In New England, however, schools were more common, because the population was mainly Protestant, and they believed in a direct relationship with God. Illiteracy meant they would have had to rely on members of the clergy for translations and interpretations. Thus, they learned to read. Additionally, citizens quickly learned that in order to participate in the economy and trade business, they needed some knowledge of arithmetic. Over time, schools became more and

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