The Influence of Ethical Issues on Information Technology Usage

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The Influence of Ethical Issues on Information Technology Usage Use of computers poses a new challenge for privacy. Privacy is a state of mind, specific place freedom from intrusion or control over the exposure of self of personal information (Czar, 2013). In this day and age, many new rules come into play on how to protect the privacy of the patient. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of ethical use and the unethical issues faced with the use of technology, as well as the impact of specific and a broad range legislation on information technology. Importance of ethical, legal, and regulatory issues and information technology In nursing informatics, ethical principles play a prime role in our day to day patient…show more content…
Another principle that plays an important role in nursing informatics is Fidelity. Fidelity requires loyalty, fairness, truthfulness, advocacy, and dedication to our patients. It involves an agreement to keep our promises. Fidelity refers to the concept of keeping a commitment and is based upon the virtue of caring (, 2013). Fidelity is a key component when it comes to maintain the patient’s confidentiality. If a patient requests that her medical condition be kept private it is the nurses duty to keep his/her informational confidential by not allowing electronic charting or emailing be seen by unauthorized personnel. Nurses have a duty of promoting patient welfare, and fidelity is one of the key principles to maintain it. Ethical issues and using information systems in nursing There are several unethical information or data security issues that present obstacles to using electronic or computerized information technology, but one that I believe could be the greatest obstacle is the use of email. Institutions are not supposed to email sensitive protected personal information. Often times patient’s names, medical record numbers, diagnoses or personal information about a patient’s mental illness are sent via email. Email is a vulnerable system in that it can be hacked, is subject to viruses or other malicious software. There are people who deliberately attempt to steal information. Everyone has a right to privacy. We
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