The Influence of Media on Teenagers' Diet

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The Influence of Media on Obese Teenager’s Diet Introduction Media influence Food product choice is overwhelming as well as TV commercials and print advertisements that want to sell their food products to us. Who to believe? How to choose? Do you trust what is shown to you? Obviously, it’s up to each of us to decide what we eat but if we’re constantly bombarded with images of food every time we pick up a magazine then we’re going to be swayed in what we choose. The advertising of snack and so called "junk foods" to young people is being blamed for an obesity epidemic in the United States and elsewhere. Is advertising to blame? Are there other factors going on? How does advertising, for example, work to target young people? Many…show more content…
We also asked the participation of our group member, Princess Domingo to be the subject on our case study, and observe how food advertisements affect her diet. Hypothesis 1. That food advertising affects eating behavior of obese teens. 2. That brand preference on food affects food choices. 3. Watching while snacking increases risk for obesity and other nutrition related diseases. 4. Nutrition marketing is used on labels of foods that are high in saturated fat, sodium, and/or sugar. 5. Food manufacturers link diet to obesity risks in advertising and labeling. 6. Shoppers consider food advertisements on choosing foods they will pick on groceries mostly leads to obesity. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK * Television * Magazines * Newspaper * Internet * Billboards * Restaurant’s leaflets * Risk for diseases * Low self esteem * Poor performances on physical activity * Insecurities o Obesity FIGURE 1 The paradigm illustrates that media such as television, magazines, newspapers, internet, billboards and restaurant’s leaflets are factors that influence obesity in teenagers. And obesity resulted to health risks, low self esteem, poor performances on physical activity and

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