The Influence of Television on Human Behavior

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The role of the television is pretty simple; to entertain. Almost everyone on this planet own one or more television(s). The television as we used to know is no longer in black and white or just a tiny box but it is massively upgrading with the hi-tech today that’s why we see only see the flat screen TVs now. It is almost as flat as this board. With these new modern technology, the human behavior is also rapidly changing like I previously mentioned in my first topic. The human needs and wants is basically a major issue covering our everyday life but here I am explaining it further in a ‘monkey see, monkey do’ situation which technically means what we see is what we do or a better way is copying. So within this situation, we often get influenced by the media. For instance, a zombie movie. What do we see in a zombie movie? Assassinations, survival, cool gadgets, awesome stunts and cute movie casts. So by observing the cool aspects from the movie, we would basically start picturing ourselves doing it even worse we are actually doing it by imagining everyone on earth is a zombie and you’d want to run around chopping their heads off. This where the human behavior really takes place.
The main problem is we actually start believing in fantasies which slowly turns to reality where people might actually think you’re crazy. Remember when The Matrix was released? Yes, we would literally see people doing slow motion acts which was fun because it was so influential that it became a

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