The Innocence Of Lust In Rolando Perez's 'Office At Night'

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In the animal kingdom, reproduction of one's species holds priority for the survival of that genus. Many animals will forgo its necessities for life such as food and water to ensure reproduction. Mammals such as primates and canines have a hierarchy of how they choose their mate. These animals choice there mate by choosing the most dominant and the one desirable features. Only a few primate out of the whole species are completely monogamous, and humans are not consider one of them. In the case of people were take vowel to one another to stay faithful and to contain are urges towards others. In Exodus 20:17 Gods 10 Commandment to the Hebrews, it makes the point to say "You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife"(Bible). Even though we have vowel and rules not to lust after each other, we still fall back into our ancestral instincts. Women look at men like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Dom DeLouise and men look at such women as Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis, and Melissa McCarthy the find them self-lusting with those ancestral traits.…show more content…
Perez turns a seamless innocence picture of a man and woman working in an office after hours into a sexually charged interlude between the two characters. Starts out innocently with the author telling us that the man and women stayed late at work. Then he gives us a lust filled rant about the women attire and the man's long-awaited desire to be alone with her. The man goes on about how she volunteered to stay late and that he would have never have asked her. He is giving us the idea that he was hiding his true yearning for her possible showing his sense of dignity that he uses to subdue his primal urges. The author talks about the man having to open a window because "This office at night is a bit stuffy", but is the man being warm this an indication of an autonomic response created by his anticipation and primal longing for the
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