The Integration Of Immigrants Into American Religious Life

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The Integration of Immigrants into American Religious Life What is your definition of an immigrant? My definition of an immigrant is a person who moves to a foreign country and brings with them traditions and cultures, which they assimilate into their new country. During the nineteenth century, the United States was predominately a protestant nation, which experienced high levels of immigration. From countries such as Poland, Ireland, Russia, and Germany. Many of these ethnic groups were Catholic and Jewish parishioners. Immigration impacted American’s religious life in the nineteenth century be result of immigrants religious traditions, the establishment of new laws coinciding with religion, and biblical criticism, which affected…show more content…
The Jews fled Russia because they were persecuted. A rumor spread that a Jew started a fire, which led to a pogrom. A pogrom is a massacre of Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe. Due to the pogrom Jews fled to other countries, like the United States. Upon arrival, the Jews created synagogues just as the Irish built Catholic churches. Religion became a comfort to immigrants in their new home lands. For instance, religion was something constant that would not change no matter where they practiced. Additionally, it was a memory of their lives from their home lands. The arrival of mass groups of immigrants strengthened bonds with one another because immigrants of the same ethnicity and religion stuck together. Along with churches immigrants opened schools and hospitals too, which were affiliated with their perspective religions. For example, Catholics established Catholic schools because public schools imposed Protestant beliefs into the school curriculum. The Catholics would not stand for their children to be forcibly taught Protestant ideals. Immigrants changed American religious life because they adjusted to life in America by depending on their religious lifestyles to make them feel as home. Therefore, giving the Protestants religious competition. Although, immigrants attempted to make America their home, non-immigrants created laws, which were not friendly towards immigrants. Immigrants were victims of quite a few vicious laws. To
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