The Integration Of Public Art

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The integration of public art in urban cities has long been a beneficial tool in modifying the way urban life is lived. Art has the power to provoke thought and change, spark controversy, and even prevent crime. Philadelphia has exemplified the dominance of art in an urban city through murals, statues, and various other forms of art. The matter in which these works of art are placed throughout the city contributes greatly to the reception by the public. The presence of artwork in various places gives a neighborhood a welcoming appearance of upkeep and order. A notable example is the works of Isaiah Zagar, who created the Philadelphia Magic Gardens and various murals that plaster South Street and surrounding neighborhoods. The presence of intricate murals makes the neighborhood an inviting place to be, and it doubles as a device for warding off the occurrence of crime. The bond between urban art and its success is highly dependent on location, which ultimately determines the functionality and interpretation that the public has on the artwork. Philadelphia Magic Gardens on South Street has become a staple of South Philadelphia that has benefited the area and its inhabitants for years. The plot consists of walls of mosaic glass, bottles, mirrors, spokes, and various discarded material that is constructed beautifully to capture the attention of the viewer. The mission statement of the organization (PMG) states that, “PMG inspires creativity and community engagement by

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