The Integration Of Women Into Combat Military Occupational Specialty

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Clearing the Way:
The Integration of Women into MOS 12B
SGT Godoy, Edward
12B ALC Student
28 March 2015
This paper will discuss the U.S. Army’s decision to allow women into combat Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), specifically into MOS 12B known as a Combat Engineer which for years has been closed to women. I will speak briefly on the history of and mindset of the Army and how it has pretty much forced the women that currently serve to prove themselves. We will also discuss the certification process from Basic Combat Training (BCT), AIT (Advanced Individual Training), and Combat Engineer Advanced Leaders Course (ALC). This paper will also examine the specialized programs soldiers must receive such as Sexual …show more content…

This restriction was meant to keep women from serving in units below the brigade level whose primary mission was to engage in direct combat on the ground. This restriction meant that women could not serve in combat Military Occupational Specialties such as special operations, infantry, armor, artillery, and in this case combat engineers. The current goal of Army leadership is to open most jobs by the end of fiscal year (October) 2015. Soon the Army will officially have female combat engineers, fighting and training alongside their male counterparts. We will all have to change any preconceived notions and biases of women in order to have a smooth transition and to ensure that female soldiers are not mistreated or given any special treatment, and ensure that they are treated fairly and be seen as just soldiers not female soldiers but just that, soldiers.
So what does this mean for our MOS? The first thing we will discuss is the earning of certifications from Advanced Individual Training to Advanced Leaders Course. As you already may know, other than a few training posts, most Basic Combat Training is already co-ed. For years females have been taught alongside their male counterparts basic soldiering skills. Of course there are going to be issues, and of course there are going to be some females that just can’t cut it as soldiers, but there are males who go

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