The Interest Of The Germans Essay

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The Interest of the Germans World War II was a difficult time in human history. A country rise up to power and took radical actions to achieve their goal and create a world that they find ideal. Some Germans were force to leave Germany for being Jewish, and others for multiple reasons. As a result, these Germans made Latin America as their safe haven away from what used to be their home. The United States eventually had got in the involvement of the war and a main concerned they had were these Germans who live in Latin America. The chief interest for the lives of these Jewish, non-Jewish Germans, was only important to their own benefit, or to secure their safety in the war. The United States government created a “Black List”. A lost that had Germans in Latin America, that were possibly to pose a threat. They would receive this information by Informers that provide privilege information to the U.s government. The United States believed that some of these Germans moved to Latin America could have been working under the Nazi party. In COMMUNAZIS by ALEXANDER STEPHAN, explained how the United States took certain Actions to get what they needed from the Latin American countries. “United States, Hoover assigned the several hundred agents of the special Intelligence Service (SIS) founded in 1940 especially to monitor Latin America, to watch out for German spies and any army intelligence”( STEPHAN, pg,9). As well, In “Nazis & GOOD Neighbors by Max Paul Friedman, Went into
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