The International Genealogical Index: Obtaining an Eighteen Century Surname

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To obtain surname that will be related to the 18th century or earlier period will require the individual to utilize the international Genealogical Index. These studies will require the use of the various tools. Through the fact that most studies have been facilitated by the pastime hobbies of individual’s. This has been facilitated by the lack of any economic benefit that will motivate the collection of this data. Through the sheer volume that will be identified it will require professional date in the analysis of the said data. They must allocate an accurate copy of the original indexes this will reduce the time wasted by retyping similar information by the various individuals. Through the identification of the various patents will occur, the genealogy software will be used by various researchers to collate and identify a definite family tree to each individual. Through the process of using the YDNA testing this will be used to verify the relation established through the Surname relation. It will identify the difference and similarities between the various linages that have similar Surnames. However due to the lack of a match this will not mean that there is no relationship. This is due to the fact that some linages do not utilize the use of a single name hence avoiding the biological male line decent. The use of the YDNA will be seen as a crucial tool to the one name study (Mills, 2001). Motivation
The research will be identified through the various individuals who

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