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The Twitter Trap
STUDENT NAME: Pretty Vaddi
Student Number: 300782105
COMM 170
Instructor: Evelyn Holmes

The Twitter Trap

Bill Keller in “The twitter trap” published in The New york Times (18 May 2011) notes that he felt as though he had poisoned his daughter by allowing her onto Facebook. He equates it to giving a drug and sees it as eroding a youth’s intellect or skills development memory skills, math skills, penmanship, innate sense of direction, attention span, problem solving and decision making abilities. Given his daily job, he is well aware of the global appreciation for the internet. However, what are the costs, the personal costs? Recently, the advancement of technology has started to accumulate some controversy. …show more content…

Still as a student 700 miles away from home Facebook is my main connection to friends from my hometown. This is a situation that calls for moderation and self-control, both of which are traits that society will be forced to acquire and adapt to in order to survive in a fiercely competitive job market. Using Facebook or Twitter to connect to and stay updated in your friend’s life is completely acceptable, we just need to unlatch ourselves from the computer screens and meet these people in person as well. Keller’s other arguments; the abilities to reflect, empathize, and pursue meaning, are also still an enduring part of our lives, as long as we handle the media properly. Because of technology, we are now given far more information than ever before to reflect upon, and the accountability that comes with social media requires us to reflect before posting something permanent. Facebook and Twitter are more than mindless chatter as well, when used correctly you can rally support for a cause. The quick jump to action that users of these social media take shows their sustained ability to empathize with others and do what they can to help. As far as pursuing meaning, social media gives people an outlet to discuss their ideas and beliefs and further their understanding of different people and an overall meaning. If society chooses to use these to their benefit than these essential characteristics are not

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