The Internet : The Dangers Of Personal Information On The Internet

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collected can be very intrusive. People, however, enjoy surfing the internet and taking part in activities and games online. One of the top reasons that people enjoy the internet, if asked, is the secrecy that it says it provides. Unfortunately for those who enjoy that secrecy, companies have chosen to violate that freedom by gathering their personal data as these consumers browse and engage in online activities. Companies have started the trend of collecting such personal information from people as they innocently browse the internet in order to be able to advertise directly to the individual with customized products and services. Regrettably, for consumers, the notion of adopting unethical behaviors when extracting such information from their customers has become the norm. “Companies continually troll for, and exploit, personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information on the Internet” (Saarigarvi, Karjalutoto, & Kuusela, 2013, p. 56). The internet started as a place where one could go discover and interact without any invasion. Not only is the public losing their discretion from these type businesses, but also they are putting themselves at risk of their personal information being abused. The more websites a person gives their personal information to, the more likely that person will become a victim to possible data breach as well. In 2012, 267 million accounts were unprotected because of an online data breaches (Deighton & Quelch, 2009, p. 7).

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