The Internet : The Effect The Internet Has On Society

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Erica Macias
ERWC, Per. 6
Mr. Craig
September 25, 2017
The Effect the Internet Has On Society
The Internet is widely used by many communities. Americans use it because it’s quick and gives results in less than a second. However, overuse of the Internet including technology, stunts our intellect and makes us dependent. Humans lack on doing simple things by himself/herself because the Internet has become so convenient to many. They then begin to become dependent on things such as autocorrect, Google search, or even a GPS systems such as Google Maps.
To begin with, a lot of our present generation depends on the reliance of technology to do things such as correct our spelling errors but this causes people to lack in their spelling (Paton 1). Autocorrect is commonly used by many smartphone and even laptop users, but because of it many people struggle to spell simple words such as receive, definitely, or even beginning. For example, in my ERWC class my teacher, Mr. Craig, read the students a simple paragraph while the student’s job was to write down what was being said. The paragraph contained common misspelled words such as those said above and everyone except one person failed the test. This indicates that many individuals would struggle without the use of autocorrect—including me—because many have become so adjusted to technology correcting those errors for them. Also, another big feature that a variety of iPhone users utilize is voice dictation. It writes what’s being said
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