The Internet is Like a Second Life to Most Essay

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According to Marshall McLuhan “We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us”; this is something Sherry Turkle is more worried about in her Together Alone: Why We Expect More Form Technology and Less from Each Other. She asserts that people nowadays are all “Cyborgs” we can not live a moment without technological devices. However the author of Diagnosing the Digital Revolution :Why Its So Hard To Tell Whether It’s Really Changing Us Alison Gopkin states that we have always been like this. We human beings have been addicted to things like books just like how we are to technological devises. I agree with Sherry Turkle on how technological devises are rewiring our brains. I agree with her because her argument is well presented, she …show more content…

Books and television can transport you to another world but technology brings the world to your fingertips in a way books never got. From Turkle research people are so addict to the devise that they feel naked without it. People feel sociable, invincible and better prepared with their tools. It has became a habit for many of us to check our emails first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed our brain has became so used it that we automatically pick up our phone without releasing , we can feel the vibration of our cell phones even when we don’t have it with us . We have become robots and our tools have started to control us like Turkle states. However Gopkin states that the fact on the effects of technology is very little “for example, there are remarkably few firm scientific conclusions from 50 years of psychological research on children and television” (41). Parents today send more time on they phones rather than with there children which leads to the child sending more and more time online chatting with friends on Facebook or playing games. We are teaching our children to be alone together. Turkle gives the example of the child who waits for a glance from her mother when she comes to get her from school but her mum is always on her cell phone. I can totally relate

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