The Interpretation Of Statutory Interpretation

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Driedger 's modern approach to statutory interpretation has substantially impacted the comprehension of ambiguous statutory language in Canadian courts for several decades. Although there are some drawbacks and flaws in this method, there is a myriad of merits that have positively shaped the interpretation of ambiguous statutory language over the years. When adjudicators are faced with the challenging task of analyzing unclear legislative text, they are obligated to utilizing Driedger 's modern approach to statutory interpretation. If it were not for this approach, the elucidation of equivocal legislative text in legal proceedings would have been entirely disparate and there presumably would have been more discrepancies, inconsistencies, and controversies over judges ' pivotal decisions made in Canadian courts. Driedger 's modern approach to statutory interpretation provides judges with discernment, guidance, and insight when making crucial decisions. Evidently, this strategy has facilitated decision making for judges and has considerably availed them during times where ambiguous statutory language has been a paramount impediment in judicial proceedings. One of the merits of Driedger 's modern approach to statutory interpretation includes the authorization of judges to explicate legislative text after analyzing the simple meaning of the text. Every individual should find the plain meaning of the legislative text to be identical as law is intended to be dependable and

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