Interstate New Teacher Assessment And Support Consortium

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The Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium, or INTASC, principles were developed in 1987 to provide beginner teachers with a guideline of how they should perform. In total there are ten INTASC principles: Knowledge of Subject Matter, Human Development and Learning, Diversity in Learning, Variety of Instructional Strategies, Motivation and Management, Communication Skills, Instructional Planning Skills, Assessment, Reflection and Responsibility, and Relationships and Partnerships. These ten principles align with National Board for Professional Teaching standards. This ensures that beginning teachers are aware of what is expected of them. The INTASC principles provides teachers with a tool they can use to become …show more content…

The INSTASC principles ensures that a teacher is aware that their individual disposition fosters a positive relationship between themselves and their students as well as offers guidelines for developing a successful disposition. Performance refers to how a teacher puts his or her knowledge, understanding, and beliefs into action. In short, performance is the public display of one's ideals concerning principle and disposition. An example of a teacher's performance can be seen in how he or she uses materials to successfully teach students, how well he or she plans and develops lessons, and how he or she engages and directs students. A teacher could incorporate Principle Three by including a variety of strategies to include all learning styles, such as singing songs and doing hands on activities. The INTASC principles explains what is expected of a teacher's performance and what one must do to ensure a student's educational success. INTASC principles are an important factor in teacher education. If followed and explored in the classroom, teachers can develop as exceptional educators. Not only are the principles important for teacher success, but for student success as well. If each category of the ten INTASC principles are integrates into the daily classroom environment, students will excel. For beginner teachers, the INTASC principles can be used to effectively organize their teacher portfolio and demonstrate understanding

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