Definition Of Constellations

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Every clear, cloudless night, away from the bright town lights, the night sky treats us to a dazzling spectacle. Countless twinkling stars shine down from the heavens, sprinkled all around like fairy dust. It’s illustrated right above us much like Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. But just like the painting, the display is complex and difficult to understand. There are many different parts of the sky with many different topics to go over. One of those topics is the intricacy of constellations. In order to understand what exactly they are, one must start from the beginning, so the most appropriate place to start off is the birth of a star.
A star will begin to formate in the densest and keenest regions of space in enormous sized
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A constellation season is the specific period of time that certain constellations are able to be seen clearly depending on a person’s location and time. The Earth’s rotation around its own axis and the rotation around the sun, also known as ‘revolution’, is the key factor for when a constellation's season is (Pandian). During one period of time, a person will be only be capable of viewing stars that are positioned on the opposing direction of the Sun. All of the stars that are considered to be behind the Sun will not be seen during that season because they are located above the horizon. Therefore, six months later people will be capable of seeing all of the constellations they were unable to do six months beforehand (Pandian). For example, a person living in the Northern Hemisphere might only be able to see Orion in the Winter; whereas, people in the Southern Hemisphere would see Orion in the Summer (“Southern”). The sky is constantly changing. Even within a week's time, one can see the minuscule differences in the movement of the constellations…show more content…
It is one of the most prominent and recognizable constellations in the night sky during its most distinguishable seasons, which is during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and the summer in the Southern Hemisphere (Orion). Orion’s belt is made up of the stars Alnilam, Mintaka and Alnitak, which are all the brightest stars of Orion. One leg is made up of the star Rigel. The second brightest star Betelgeuse, serves as the right shoulder, while Bellatrix establishes the left shoulder. The Orion's Nebula, which is a formation of dust and other gases, creates his sword which hangs from his belt. Orion is composed of many other nebulas and stars that create the beautiful display of Orion (Orion). There are many different stories of how the constellation was formed. One story tells of the love between Orion and Artemis. One day while Orion was swimming, Apollo dared Artemis that she couldn’t hit the distant object in the sea, which was really Orion. Artemis, not realizing it was her lover, shot Orion with an arrow. When she later realized her appalling fault, she honored Orion by placing him in the sky (Orion). In another story the hunter boasted that no animal could kill him. In response to this, Hera sent a scorpion to sting Orion. He smashed the scorpion with his club, but not before he was stung. The two are on opposite sides of the sky and cannot be seen at
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