The Introverts Survival: Rules of Engagement

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The Introverts Survival: Rules of Engagement Combat fishing is a social opportunity for the extroverted angler and an exercise in frustration and tolerance for the introverted angler. The simple truth is that introverts are profound thinkers. All external stimulation that disrupts our train of thought is considered an unwelcomed intrusion, and without a doubt that assuredly includes people with no more on their minds than idle chit chat or mindless gossip. Sadly America is a nation dominated by extroverts who are affable, personable, team players with aesthetically pleasing smiles (approachable) that are highly sought after attributes in the career arena. The introverts suffers by comparison because we are misunderstood and mislabeled…show more content…
The reason I can still recall his name is because he was annoying. Combat fishing was very irritating to me. Instead of being relaxed and enjoying the aesthetics of Alaska’s vistas, I was anticipating the code words “fish on,” which was my cue to quickly reel in my line, and back away from the angler who shouted the code. “Fish on” means a fish is hooked and other anglers in the vicinity need to clear the shallow waters and shoreline to give him room to fight, and land his prey. After two days of twelve hour “combat fishing,” my son and I needed a break from the masses, and opted for a whale watching cruise to retreat and recharge. What is a retreat? “A retreat is a backing away, a withdrawal, an experience in the realm of yin, an act of introversion” (Helgoe 99). Introverts are not afraid of being alone or retreating because we understand that solitude is generative. We prefer to take problems and work on them in isolation. We are different, different from extroverts. We’re not big on study groups or committees, or gang bang fishing, and most of us do very well on our own. When people do embark on a journey of self-awareness and discover that they are indeed introverts, why do some feel obligated to apologize? Isn’t this perpetuating the negative adjectives that introverts are mislabeled with now? Why apologize for being true to your nature? If a person truly understands who they are, (their attributes, as well as the aspects of themselves that

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