The Invention Of The Automated System

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The constant invention of new technology has been important and beneficial in hospital settings, and for healthcare providers. The invention of the automated medication system has been widely received by health care providers. In the past, medication had been distributed through the use of extensive human labor; which was prone to dangerous medical errors like medications mix up, delivering and administering medication to the wrong patients. The invention of automated systems has helped in combating these huge blunders. Automated systems have reduced labor-intensive work, and reduced medical errors. The components of an automated machine unit includes…. . There are some core processes laid out for the efficiency of the automated system;…show more content…
They are frequently placed in locations like the ward, or intensive care unit rather than a pharmacy, as it is important that medication is readily available. This system is provides hospitals with the opportunity to have an adequate storage facility, inventory control and pharmaceutical security in places where health care is provided. This research attempts to expatiate on the history of automated medication systems, core processes for the usage of the system, the pros and cons of the system, and what the future holds automated medication systems and health care providers. It is important to note that health care providers perpetually feel the need to improve patient’s safety in hospitals and pharmacies. This induced the exploration of a variety of strategies and technologies in order to attain this goal. Before the application of unit- based automated dispensing machines, hospitals have greatly relied on the manual distribution systems, which includes the traditional floor stock and medication carts that held a constant supply of a patient specific medications in individual patients holders. According to Fung and Leung (2012), a floor stock system is flexible, but the pharmacy has little control over inventory as it is considered as an inefficient drug distribution system because it is
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