The Invention Of The World War II

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Throughout history, war has been both a cause and a means of solving political conflict (Military Technology). The technology used in a war determines the strategies, methods, and almost every other aspect of the war (Military Technology). There have been many pivotal points in warfare driven by advancements in technology. For instance, the invention of gunpowder eventually led to the creation of many new weapons which called for changes in the way battles were fought. Nuclear weapons ended World War II and caused major tension during the Cold War. The invention of the Internet gave way to a completely new branch of warfare, cyber warfare.
The Effects of Gunpowder in Weapons
The development of gunpowder in weapons was the first step to modern warfare. Gunpowder was invented in ancient China and was soon discovered to be useful in weapons. Although it was originally the result of the Han Emperor Wudi’s commissioning Daoist alchemists to create an elixir of life, it quickly became evident that the substance was much more useful as an explosive. By 1000 AD, the Chinese had developed grenades, bombs, and rockets. Early gunpowder-based weapons were not as powerful as those developed later, but the Chinese were able to use them to effectively defend against the Mongols for a time. After the Mongols successfully conquered China, these explosives were used to subjugate Korea (Xiu). Although these early weapons were not especially effective, they were the basis for later, more…

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