Technological Advancements During World War II

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World War II was and most likely will be the largest and most great war to ever appear on this earth. Although it brought so much death and destruction with a striking total of over 60 million deaths, it is also the deadliest conflict to ever have happened as well. Out of all the horror that was WWII it did create a lot of advancements like the boost in advancements in technology. As well there were great social changes in the United States. Also there were significant boosts in medical sciences. There were economical advancements in the United States. Finally there were advancements in world peace never seen before. Though war should never be defined as good, World War II created many beneficial advancements for the United States and the world.
All wars throughout history have had an impact on the advancement of technology.
No such war was so strongly affected by math and science then WWII. The earliest technological advancements created during world war II was by the Nazi’s and there study of rockets and rocketry. They created the V-1 rocket which is a predecessor to the modern day cruise missile. As well as the V-2 missile which is like a modern day ballistic missile that flies into space and drops onto the enemy(Digital History). These missiles guiding systems were some of the first electronic computers ever created which created a base on which people built off of to create the computers of today. Early control centers aboard ships pioneered the networked, interactive…
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