The Iranian Revolution: Fairytale Essay

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Once upon a time, a Shah became the leader of Iran in 1941. The Shah greatly pushed for westernization in Iran, and rose to power due the fall of an aristocrat. The United States ran much of the Iranian society. In 1944, the Shah's reign is marked of controversy and conflict, by an Ayatollah. The Ayatollah believes in taking Iran toward empowerment and away from elitism, in order to unite a diaspora group of political movements under one power. The Ayatollah strongly suggests that Iran must be united under the rule of Islam, and not the American-influenced Shah. An outburst erupts in Iran once the Iranians learn that their press and propaganda is being controlled by the American embassy. Regardless of these minor threats, the Shah grows in …show more content…

Although America is quick to put the Shah back on the Iranian throne, the recent Iranian turmoil’s teaches the Shah a few lessons. The aftermath of the coup d’état results in the Shah arresting his opponents, dissolving parliament, electing government leaders to do his bidding, and the formation of the Shah's secret police organization called Savak. At first, the Shah uses Savak to eliminate all of his political opponents. Activists are imprisoned, tortured, and executed, and as a result, much of the opposition against the Shah was destroyed. All that were left who opposed the Shah, were waiting for the Ayatollah. The opposition would not re-emerge of a secular one, but religious. The Ayatollah is the main leader of the oppositions, and reveals in 1963 that the Shah's policies are a threat to Islam, and were created by a Jewish and American conspiracy. He is arrested on June 5th. The following days, protesters gather in the streets, and the Shah orders the army to shoot them down. For the first time, the Ayatollah gains national attention. In October, 1964, the Shah makes a deal with the United States, and the Ayatollah is released from jail because he is a religious leader. The Ayatollah continues to preach against the Shah. The deal the Shah has made with the United States, is immunity for Americans in Iran, in exchange for a two hundred million dollar grant to purchase American weapons. The Ayatollah made a case that this deal undermined the

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