The Iranian Revolution Of Iran

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Iran is, most unfortunately, viewed as a country of tyranny and Iranians as terrorists. The problem that generates such farfetched view and conceptions, which are, in fact far from actuality. The sad residuals of the Iranian Revolution is a direct result from the effects of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Yet, there is more to Iranian’s than exoticism. The year 1979 changed the lives of many Iranians. The Iranian Revolution not only impacted the lives of those in Iran but also impacted the perception of the world concerning Iran. Many misconceptions grew regarding Iranian people as the new Islamic administration took complete control of the civilians. The Persian Empire is known today as The Islamic Republic of Iran. The history of Iran goes back further than four thousand years as it is one of the oldest countries in the world. Located in the Middle East bordering Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, Iran is also on the coast of the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, as well as the Caspian Sea. Even though there are deserts in Iran, there are also beautiful mountains as well as beaches. Throughout the years, it has always been of global importance because of its location, as well as because of its continuous supply of petroleum. Iran is rich in mining, gas supplies, copper, pistachios, saffron, steel, gold, silver, Persian carpets, caviar, and minerals. Iran also has the world 's second-largest natural gas reserves. The Western world

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